The La Lluna 2022 Festival presents the jury that will determine the best

The Advertising and Creative Communication Festival of the Valencian Community , La Lluna. Presented its eleventh edition this morning at the headquarters of the Spanish Association of Advertisers (AEA ). Therefore, the contest, which has been held since 2007. Organized by the Association. Advertising Communication Companies of the Valencian Community, ComunitAD. Has had the collaboration, for seven editions, of the AEA and SCOPEN. From we approached the AEA offices to cover this presentation. The La Lluna Festival will once again have a jury made up of the best professionals in the national advertising industry. Therefore, with four creative professionals.

La Lluna makes changes to its categories

The director of the Festival, Laura category email list Llopis. Has indicated that a series of changes have been made in the categories that seek to adapt them to today’s advertising reality. In this way. Therefore, a space design category has been included. Where interior design work Commercial installations that add value to brands and the business in a creative and conceptual way will be awarded. The branding category has been modified in order. To evaluate not only the graphic representation of the brand. Therefore, also the conceptual development and its ability to generate strategic value; Better use of media has been redefined to integrate conventional and unconventional media.

A gala complementary activities and a breakfast

In its desire to take the festival beyond the awards gala. Comunitad EL Leads has organized several complementary activities with groups from different professional fields. Therefore, a training tour of the four universities of the Valencian Community to help students prepare festival cases. Encourage their participation and, in addition, a breakfast will be held with creative agencies, media. Advertisers and media to debate the value of creativity in business together with the regional television Apunt. Therefore, the festival is one of the greatest exponents of the creative health and professionalism of the agencies of the Valencian Community and after ten editions.

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