Google is Grouping Keyword Volumes – What Does This Mean for Seo?

As of june this year, google is now grouping keyword volumes for similar keywords in keyword planner. I wanted to investigate whether or not this is having an impact. On the pages that rank for these similar, grouped keywords. My hypothesis is that, given that google is associating keywords closely enough to group their volumes, we should expect that the search results would be very similar too.

One way to test whether or not Google does indeed consider grouped keywords to be identical is to look at search results. The theory is that if keywords are viewed identically, we should see exactly the same pages ranking for the keywords.

What Has Google Changed and Why Does It Matter?

The grouping of keyword volumes is a problem for anyone .Working in search because keyword planner is the primary. Source for volume data that we use in keyword research. Whether that be from keyword planner directly, or through a third party tool that takes keyword planner data as its input—such as semrush, brightedge or searchmetrics.

By “Grouping keyword volumes,” we mean that Marketing List of Plumbers different keywords that are slightly different (but generally convey the same meaning) are given the same volume, which represents the combined volume of every variation. For example, if (hypothetically) [seo] is searched 21,000 times per month in the uk.

On Top of This, in the Last Few Weeks Google

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Have also been reducing access to keyword EL Leads planner data for some accounts. Earlier this month, it was announced that keyword planner data will be given. Only in very broad buckets for advertisers .With “Lower monthly spend” (although some ways around this have been found). This is a separate change from the volume grouping, which is the main focus of this article.

There is further reason to think this way given the simple fact that google is always getting smarter. As well as parsey mcparseface, the english language parser . That google released to the public, much of the research output that we see in patents.

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