Email marketing trends 2021

Email marketing trends 2021. Every year new trends are born in Marketing. Some remain, and others die. But what is clear is that according to consumer demand, these continue to extend over time. Email marketing is not exempt from this and continues to be on the lips of all of us who are dedicated to marketing. Some of them will mutate, that is, adapting to the needs of consumers (people). And so it should be. Those that don’t work will die, even for those nostalgic people who used them. Surely you know what I’m talking about because it has happened to you before.

Simple is always better, even in email marketing

Therefore, Simple is always better, even in email marketing. We are used to using very visual templates, but simplicity is being recovered in email marketing. Therefore, by sending a letter or notification format with few images. I’m not particularly in favor of not putting images, but this is a personal question. What’s more, I like to write in the Newsletter, but always supporting the text with an image that reinforces the message of your email marketing. With some applications we can enrich the messages of our email marketing campaign by adding interaction so that the user does not leave our email manager.

The psychology of color

The psychology of color. Colors add meaning to content, also in email marketing. Both corporate ones and those used for the design of a specific campaign. Remember that colors stimulate the brain and awaken emotions. Marketing and advertising agencies are clear about this, neuromarketing works, a lot. But like EL Leads everything in life, it has to be done correctly. But this is already a topic for another article. For now, regarding neuromarketing, I leave you two here in case you like this discipline:

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