Amount of data that clients leave us

Amount of data that clients leave us we return again to the concept we talked about a while ago: technology. There companies that if they really ltened to their customers in a unified way could exploit thousands of comments data opinions complaints and suggestions every day . By simply adding calls to the contact center comments in chats and social networks and surveys many companies would have enough information to accurately know the opinion of their customers. Additionally they might able to trigger those comments that need contact; unsatfied customers customers with technical problems customers who want to buy but can’tHundreds of thousands of possible interactions.

How should we talk to the consumer

That have both value for the brand and the customer. Technology as an ally given th avalanche of data how do you exploit hundreds of thousands of comments immediately in real time how can we calculate the overall customer experience from mobile app development service unstructured comments if you do not want to hire an army of analysts the only viable way to use a platform that analyzes each of the comments and understands through artificial intelligence what intention each comment has and calculates its nps-csat in real time. Here it important to highlight the most advanced sentiment analys models nlp neuro language processing.

In what media to advertise

Which the evolution of common text analys and whose technology allows much greater precion especially in environments where comments from surveys mixed social networks calls to the contact center etc. Once again technology to the rescue EL Leads of large companies. And although it neither the oracle of delphi nor the panacea that solves everything technology an integral part of the solution. As a result of the pandemic many companies have invested in their e-commerce in tools for teleworking and in digital media agencies like never fore.

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