and what results can be achieved.

If a B2B company want

to start using social networks, what would be the ideal platform: LinkedIn or Facebook?n this article, we will compare them and build a guide to understand which is the best choice for B2B marketing.LinkedIn for businessesLinkedIn was born as a specialized social network for the world of work. Furthermore, in recent years it has been the protagonist of an important evolution by combining job advertisements with actual content generated by companies and users, making content marketing a pillar othe platform.Users on

Why a B2b Company Should Invest in


n expose themselves as professionals and secondarily as private individuals and this is a unique opportunity for B2B companies. Additionally, the platform offers advanced targeting options ba

on location, job title, industry,  Business Lead companysize    and more , all essential criteria for reaching an ideal audience for B2B workersFacebook for businessesAccording to the latest data, Facebook is the second most popular platform

among B2B marketers, just after Link


This Platform and What Results Can Be Achieved.

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heterogeneous, also functional for B2B. Suffice it to say that there are 200 million small and large businesses on the platform.rthermore, Meta (the company that owns Facebook) seems to have more and more interest in the B2B world . In fact, on August 9, 2022, new targeting options specific to this EL Leads  sector were presen

(you can discover them here ).LinkedIn vs Facebook: User activity on social mediaAn excellent question to start with when choosing the right platform is: what do users do on this social network?According to the latest report from We

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