A difficult year is coming for marketing according to Martin Sorrell’s forecasts

One of the most reputable technology fairs. The Web Summit meeting. Puts an end to its seventh edition this Friday . After several intense days of conferences. Interviews and round tables, the Altice Arena & Fil in Lisbon is closing until next year. Technologists, managers, entrepreneurs. Politicians and such emblematic figures as Sir Martin Sorrell have passed through its pavilions. In a talk with the global director of products and marketing of The Lego Group. Julia Goldin , and presented by journalist Susan Li, the advertising expert expressed his forecasts for the year 2023, warning of the difficulties that loom over the sector. 

Martin Sorrell has probably been one of the most influential

people in the modern advertising industry email list industry . After founding and directing the WPP group for several decades. One of the most important advertising and public relations holding companies in the world. He created the marketing company S4 Capital in 2018. For this reason. Their estimates are not trivial. As he stated within the framework of the Web Summit. Investments in digital advertising, as well as digital platforms, will continue to grow . He calls digital investments today “smart moves” in a down economy and maintains a relatively optimistic outlook on platforms like Alphabet. Amazon and TikTok . “Rumors about the disappearance of the platforms are exaggerated,” he noted.

Optimism regarding business in America and distrust of China

“You have to be, in my opinion, much EL Leads more selective about where you’re going to be. He told the Web Summit 2022 audience during an audience question and answer session. On the other hand. Martin Sorrel l distrusts China . He already predicted last year that digital marketing would be booming in 2022. But that was before the war in Ukraine accelerated inflation and exacerbated supply chain problems around the world. Political volatility in the United Kingdom and the United States. Including the breakdown of the United States’ relationship with China and China’s conflict with Taiwan. Are other factors contributing to the economic slowdown .

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