5 important social media questions and even more important answers

Although the social network Facebook will soon celebrate its decade of existence, and Twitter recently turned seven years old, and the total number of users of these networks worldwide exceeds one and a half billion, social networks are still neglected and treated casually by a large number of companies and entrepreneurs. When planning (or have you already planned?) your social media strategy and determined to be (or are you already?) active on your social accounts, you should ask yourself at least 5 relevant questions and try to answer them. Question 1: Do you communicate with your fans (followers)? The purpose of online social networks is to bring together and unite certain groups of common interests who would communicate with each other virtually and create valuable content. A social network should not be considered a means of broadcasting, the purpose of which is to advertise goods or services.

The main purpose of this medium is communication

If you don’t pay enough attention to your Facebook. Twitter accounts and make an effort to interact with the fans (followers) of your accounts, you will definitely not get the results you want. Your fans didn’t become fans to take the initiative to interact Malaysia Phone Number List with you – they joined so that you could interact with them and provide them with useful information. Here are some tips to help you connect with your fans: Ask questions and evaluate their answers appropriately and warmly. Thank your fans for following you, sharing your content, recommending and spreading the word about you, answering your questions, and otherwise engaging with your account. Always try to respond to comments and private messages as soon as possible. Organize promotions and contests where your fans will have.

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The opportunity to receive gifts and their participation

The discussion will be properly appreciated. Question 2: Are you talking about more than yourself? When asked this question, many wonder if they are doing the right thing. This is another very common mistake that many entrepreneurs make. You are doing yourself a disservice by only talking about yourself on your social media account. No one will want to EL Leads visit your account, let alone be your fan, if you only talk about. Your business or spout sales pitches incessantly. To keep existing fans and gradually grow your following. You need to post information that is interesting, relevant and valuable to your audience. By doing this, you will win the favor of your fans in the long run and only in this way. You will be able to post about yourself more often, because visitors will start to appreciate the information you spread.

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