15 things you should never do on social media

I want to recommend a book about an author that. I know very well and I know how she gets involved in her work (gives her best). To offer something very professional and useful. And since in my blog I talk a lot about Personal Branding. And I firmly believe that it is a very powerful strategy within. Digital Marketing for any professional. I think that this book could be very useful. For your personal and professional branding project.

Brands are clear that they must be on social networks. Now, will they be clear about what actions should never be carried out on social media ? That a poorly developed practice can cause bad experiences.

With great damage

To the company. We all know that social platforms are currently. The fastest way to reach users. But it is also true that the same networks poorly used can be a very easy. Way to distance executive data ourselves from customers. May abandon the brand’s community or even worse. May dedicate themselves to damaging the company’s image. With other users through “word of mouth.” Which can originate a crisis 2.0.


In this case should never 

It will be important to be clear about some basic advice to solve a possible 2.0 crisis. Do not rush (it is important to remain calm to be able to give a response in accordance. With the EL Leads interests of the brand); Be conciliatory do not fuel controversy. Always try to calm the crisis and prevent it from escalating. Do not censor adverse comments.

Analyze the scope of the problem know how long. The negative comment has been circulating online. Know its origin, how many negative mentions have been made of the brand. The number of followers involved, etc.

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