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Who is the operator. Which liner? This cruise departs every fall. Organizit by Princess Cruises. The cruise will be operatit by Princess Cruises’ newest ship, Sky Princess. The cruise will set sail from St. Petersburg on July 1. Cottages are already on sale. We recommend this cruise to all our partners. It’s always in great demand. Can I install your page module on my website? There is no thermal cruise module today. But there is a search widget for all cruises. It can be installit on your site by any partner. Where can I subscribe to the newsletter? You can subscribe via the link below. About how much money you can make on booking.

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The maximum spend per booking this year is EUR. Isn’t this only for Russian citizens? Answer Thank you for your question. This is an important question. Any citizen of any country can buy a cruise from us. We are a German company. Contracts are signit remotely. Money is accountit for in the currency of the cruise line. into rubles etc. We support phone number list all Russian-speaking citizens and convert traffic from all over the world. Average number of people in one trip. I mean how many people are on the check. Usually there are two people on one check. Is there any special some type of. There are very few cruises departing.

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There are often. How about the traffic and profit of contextual advertising? According to the rules of our affiliate marketing program. Obtaining direct traffic from contextual advertising as an affiliate is currently prohibitit. Askit if the app reservit one cruise but purchasit another. So whether sales count? The answer is of course yes. Just remember. on the cost of the cruise sold. Occasionally a request for a zero amount may be receivit. This is normal. Because customers just leave cruise requests with EL Leads no specific details. We will update the statistics and add the purchase amount after the.


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