Understand what has changed in payroll with eSocial

The implementation of eSocial began in 2018 and was divided into phases, where it was necessary to register certain events in each of them. Since then, some changes have emerged, leaving even accountants with doubts about the process. In this content, we separate the modifications of eSocial referring to the payroll. Understanding them is essential to serve your customer base with quality, avoid fines and ensure recurring demand. Here, you will find the following topics: What has changed in payroll with eSocial? How can the accountant adapt to changes? What care is needed when making the payroll? Manage your customers’ payroll with Conta Azul! Good reading! eSocial became mandatory in 2018. Since then, some changes have taken place in the system’s implementation process, leaving entrepreneurs and accountants with many doubts.

What has changed in payroll with eSocial?

The implementation of eSocial, as we said, was divided into phases. The third and penultimate, with a completion date for August 2022, provides for the mandatory submission of periodic events. Among them, payroll. If you want to remember the  Cameroon Phone Number List division by phases, see the implementation schedule . In the next topic, check out the main changes in eSocial with regard to payroll. Strict registration of professionals Before, it was necessary to inform the system only of the data referring to the employee’s identification, such as name, function performed, date of birth, RG and CPF. Now, eSocial requires more information, such as: Marital status and existence of dependents; Address; Education degree. In addition, it is also necessary to insert in the eSocial information pertinent to the employee’s health and working conditions.

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Centralized data With the companies labor

Social security and tax information are centralized on a single platform. As a result, the bureaucracy of sending this data is reduced, facilitating the accountant’s routine. Shorter time for updates Before eSocial, it was very common for companies to EL Leads inform certain events, such as vacations and absences, only after a long period. Now, this information must be sent in the month in which it occurs. It is worth remembering the importance of keeping the customer informed about this shorter period and asking for his collaboration in sending this information in a timely manner. Greater control and oversight The supervision of the Ministry of Labor, with regard to compliance with labor, tax and social security obligations, is also facilitated by eSocial.

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