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Transaction is therefore always a matter of trust. Building trust comes as a surprise to many bloggers. Building trust comes as a surprise to many bloggers. Especially if you have previously imagined that just writing and publishing is enough. Let’s think a little about the influencers. They have a strong personal brand. It has been built systematically and long-term.
A purchase the readers. If your blog isn’t generatingdoing something wrong. Or at least that something should be done in a different way. I’m currently listening to Peter J. Voogdi’s “6 months to 6 figures” audiobook. In the book, Peter says that “you are paid according to how much added value you bring to your audience”. specially if you don’t know what kind of added value you can produce or what added value even is! I personally define added value as “it is information that the reader cannot find anywhere else but my blog”. I want to build my blog

Those bloggers who are already popular

“The Hub” a place where people can enjoy themselves new database and look for information. That’s why I can’t say exactly what added value means to you. Only you can answer that. Added value sets you apart from other bloggers in the same field and topic. Adding value makes you rise to such a value that the reader just has to keep reading your blog and subscribing to your weekly newsletters so he doesn’t miss out on anything valuable. For example, when I founded the Unelma Onnellizzätä blog and the Facebook community for it, I wanted to build the community into a place where you can get inspiration and trust. I thought for a long time about what kind of content I want to publish on the Facebook wall. I noticed many different inspiring images, but their texts did not speak to me. So I decided to look for inspirational quotes that primarily spoke to me. I hoped that those whom the texts speak to will find my community before long. And so it happened. Added value, added value, once more added value… infuriating if you’ve thought that you can only write about yourself on your own blog.

Creating added value can seem even more

Unfortunately, however, it doesn’t work that way. Also read this: Academically educated elleads Blogging – is credibility lost? If I told you right now that I’m sitting in my armchair, writing this post, my son is listening to German rappers on YouTube, and my cat is looking out the window, what would you “gain” from this information? How does this information help you? And how can you use this information in your own everyday life? That’s right, no way. And that’s the reason why a large part of blogs don’t get income. Because blogs only write this kind of “me me me” content. But if I told you that in order to have a quiet work environment, I got myself a pair of headphones from Power (not a paid ad) and that the headphones filter out the music coming from the boy’s room almost perfectly, what would you think now? If you have the same situation that your child/children are listening to music and you can’t concentrate, this information will be useful for you.

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