That’s why I try to guide each client again and again

The right direction and form their right attitude about. What SEO services are and what content marketing services are. In the meantime, if you can’t do it even with the greatest difficulty. I like to provide some very elementary. But “accurate” examples: EXAMPLE 1: The client applies to a news portal. For the international market and orders the service of preparing an article and its publication, for which he pays the news portal. When the article is prepared and published, the order placed on the news portal is fulfilled. The client never asks the news portal.

Orders the services of writing and publishing articles

Let’s imagine that not on the main news portals. But on regional news pages, informational or thematic websites ), he may be angry about the results that do Australia Phone Number List not meet his expectations, which are from the service provider does not really belong at all. Of course, in such cases, there is usually one common denominator – clients do not take any additional measures and only use such individual content marketing services. EXAMPLE 2: A person decides to improve their physical condition and goes straight to a supplement store where they ask them to recommend supplements for a person who wants to improve their physical condition and well-being. After purchasing supplements, a person uses them for a set period of time.

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He goes to a food supplement store and begins

Complain that the food supplements offered by the seller are of poor. Quality and ineffective because they did not help him achieve the results he wanted. And although this example is only hypothetical – it will never happen ( at least it should be expected ) in reality, but similar cases when customers use content marketing services are not so rare. And this just EL Leads proves once again that far from every user understands what content creation and its distribution on the Internet is and what solutions should be based on an effective SEO strategy. If a person decides to optimize his project by himself, using the help of selected service providers, he must understand that one ingredient will not be enough for him and it is necessary to look at this whole process in a complex way.

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