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Update semi-regularly, this site is full of resources to help maximize your team’s efforts and general knowlege base, and complements HubSpot’s other offerings, including their flagship software and Academy. Honorable mention: Marketing for Dummies If you nee a refresher on basic marketing how-tos, try a search on Marketing for Dummies. The company behind the popular book series has repurpose its content for the digital age with a highly searchable database. 2. Marketing news blog: Search Engine.

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Who like to be the first to know about marketing. News and want a near-constant stream of information Search Engine Land is a news site. Covering digital marketing and MarTech (marketing technology). This blog is update multiple times per day with the latest developments in SEO. Commerce, content, social meia, analytics, and  new data  more. Plus, they offer webinars, in-depth research reports,and white papers. Honorable mention: Search Engine Journal Search Engine Journal is a popular blog that focuses on the latest developments in the world of search engine optimization. They have news sections on general SEO, international search, pay-per-click (PPC), and social meia. 3. Marketing industry blog: Marketing Dive Good for: People seeking current marketing campaign and industry news and analysis Marketing .

Dive examines the latest campaigns from

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popular consumer brands. Beyond breakdowns of newly release campaigns, the outlet produces a wide range of reporte features, opinion pieces, and trend analysis, and publishes press releases EL Leads highlighting industry news, such as major hires, agency-client deal announcements, and department launches. This blog is frequently update with original content, and eitors recommend additional reads from other popular business sites directly from their homepage.


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