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The owner of these words is Vinicius Roveda, co-founder and CEO of Conta Azul. He was responsible for opening the 4th edition of Conta Azul CON 22, one of the largest accounting conferences in Latin America . This year, the Conta Azul CON was held at the Costão do Santinho resort, in Florianópolis. It brought together more than 2 thousand accounting professionals, 30 speakers and 30 hours of study in the 3 days of the event. In addition to all the exchange of knowledge, CON 22 was also filled with emotion. The reason? The celebration of the 10 years in which Conta Azul has been transforming the routine of several entrepreneurs, in various market segments, service, commerce, industry and more than 10 thousand accounting offices throughout the country.

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Follow the following topics: Synonym of Innovation Conta Azul: 10 years of history Female strength in the event Complexity and growth with midsize companies Making the complex simple: the news from Conta Azul When the accountant looks differently at his own business: a successful journey CAPA-CON-1 Before proceeding, how about securing  Chile Phone Number List your spot on the Conta Azul Con 23 with a 30% discount ? The next edition of the largest accounting and technology conference in Latin America will take place on June 14, 14 and 15, at the Transamerica Expo Center, in São Paulo. Just click on the banner below and enter the site. Then you click on “Guarantee your place” and put the BLOG coupon in the third step of the payment process. We are waiting for you there! Banner with link to Conta Azul Con 23 website Synonym of innovation Lessons and debates.

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Were on topics such as customer experience

High performance the job market innovation, technology and, of course, accounting. All the speeches made by the speakers added a lot to those EL Leads who were there. But it’s not for nothing, right? Because we had great participation, including accountants, entrepreneurs and great thinkers. Check out the list of some of the guests: Anderson Hernandes (Tactus Contabilidade); Arthur Church (AAA); César Cielo (swimmer, medalist and Olympic record holder); Daniela Augusta (University of Customer Experience); Douglas Gomes (author of A Culpa é do Meu Contador); Gisele Paula (ReclameAQUI and Instituto Cliente Feliz); Leslie Shiner (Financial BPO Speaker); Luiz Felipe Pondé (philosopher); Maryana with Y (emotional intelligence speaker); It is Tallis Gomes (G4 Educação, Singu and Easy Taxi). Bringing these minds together to talk about the future of accounting, entrepreneurship and other areas was incredible.

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