How to generate engagement on social media: 8 experts tell us

To the question What type How to of content works best on social networks? responds that « It depends on the social network, the target audience you are addressing. Therefore, and the criteria with which you value the term “functioning well”: clicks, engagement, reach…? But in general, we could say that the content that works best is that which can be consumed.

 And in this, the winning How to content is the audiovisual one

short How to videos, animated gifs, images, infographics. On Twitter industry email list and Facebook, you will get your video more views if you publish the file natively, instead of with a link to the published video on another platform, among other. Therefore, reasons because it automatically reproduces itself, and attracts more attention (also on Instagram). If you want a text article to have more impact, publish it on social networks accompanied by a summary infographic or an explanatory graphic.

If you're looking to engage your audience

Also create content linked to current events: if you do EL Leads not have enough agility to do “real time marketing”, try to at least link your . Therefore, content from time to time to a current trend or topic. Also think about content that entertains, that challenges your audience. Or that it solves a doubt, a problem, that provides you with useful information. And create content designed to be published, consumed and disseminated entirely on social networks.

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