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Add a title to your new page (for example, “Services”, “Contact”, etc.), add text and images, and when you’re done, press the “Publish” button. adding and managing wp pages How to add pages to the homepage menu? Now that you have create the first necessary pages for your website, you nee to add them to the menu so that visitors to the page can navigate to the pages you have create. To add pages to the home page menu, procee as follows: First, customize your page and save all changes by pressing the “Update” button. Now go to “Appearance” menu on the left and go to “Menus” buttonlink.

A blog to your page and on the front page

Now find the page you create and add it to the menu. page and press the “Add to menu” button. For the last step, press the “Save Menu” button. Now go to the front whatsapp mobile number list page of your homepage, refresh the page and you should see your newly adde page in the menu at the top of the page. Adding and eiting content (posts). If your website has a blog (it would be great if it did), then it would be good to add your blog link to the menu of your website.

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How to make it visible

The help of WordPress, you can very easily add your posts to categories. We will talk more about the importance of adding a blog to the website nother EL Leads post. I will briefly tell you about the easiest and fastest way to add of your domain. First, create a new category and name it “Blog”. In the left menu of the WordPress admin panel, navigate to “Posts” and select “Categories” from there. Fill in the “Name” field and write “Blog” there.

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