Aula CM also has the digital master online marketing

I’m not saying this to say something or to look good. Or because you think I’m gaining something by recommending them. There are no commissions or affiliates here haha. I say this because I have had that experience. Thanks to the Aula CM master’s degree I got my first job in this world being a Community. Manager at Coca-Cola (managing the social networks of Coca-Cola and Powerade) , almost nothing for. When you launch yourself into a new profession. This training helps you become a highly sought-after professional, since you learn in a practical way to function. Successfully in any area of ​​Online Marketing.

Aula CM Online Marketing

You get the official Google Adwords. Title and the top people data Google Analytics certificate. You design your own website (blog) and position it with advanced SEO techniques. You do paid internships to reinforce everything you have learned. Practices are the best way to apply everything you learn in your course. And Aula CM has one more added value that I have not seen in any other master’s degree: they organize the Marketing Agencies Meeting, inviting more than 600 Online Marketing. Companies (includes some of the best agencies in the sector). This helps the relationship between Aula CM and these agencies allow its students to do their internships and get jobs in many of these agencies.

The modality

Teachers respond quickly by email and through EL leads forums to students’ questions. Completely free and personal individual tutoring . The material is very complete, they offer many lifelong resources to students. The Facebook groups created for each group where doubts and questions are exchanged are important support for studying, clearing doubts and reviewing the topics. The motivation of the teachers who encourage you daily to improve and put into practice what you have learned. A plus. They teach you how to manage the online presence of any company. You learn to use the best Social Media, SEO and Analytics tools. 


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