The hospitality industry is the most inefficient

More than 40% of companies and businesses in Spain from all sectors have phantom energy consumption (that they do not know about or that they do not measure). What a piece of information. This October 21 has been, like every year, World Energy Saving Day and The hospitality I have tried to update myself a little on the subject by reading the II Report on the Energy Behavior of Spanish Companies prepared by Endesa . If you are a businessman or entrepreneur, you can download it here to find out the energy situation of the companies in your sector and to identify the savings potential that your business has.

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Savings in Spanish companies This Company Energy Report offers data. As impressive as this: most companies can save up to 25% in company data their energy management, for example. Organizations in the service sector, which also present up to 38% of phantom consumption. The data is revealing: 40% of companies in the industrial and commerce. Sector would have savings of more than 20% of their energy consumption and more. Than 50% in the case of the aforementioned services sector. It seems clear that businesses have a long way to go to reach the level of energy efficiency of, say, Thais standing in line. Looking at the image it seems that they celebrate energy saving day every day.

The hospitality efficiency in

An image About CO2 emissions An interesting fact is that. As in the case of electricity consumption, emissions  have been reducing in. Recent years thanks to EL Leads policies to promote renewable energy. Between 2008 and 2013 they were reduced by 26%, although since 2013. Emissions have been increasing again, by 8% until 2015. The third trend is Smart mobility. As in the case of buildings, mobility is one of the vectors on. Which many of the actions of Smart city projects are focused, which are supported by mathematical models. That allow us to understand behavior inside and outside cities to manage mobility, reducing road congestion and the CO2 emissions generated.

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