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Inspiring videos Every time you share a new post, Facebook caches (processes and saves) your images and data on its servers and CDN. The best example of this process is caching a website. If you use it (e.g. on a WordPress website using LiteSpee ​​Cache), you must clear it so that new elements or changes are visible immeiately. So if you change the thumbnail of a post or subpage that was previously share, Facebook will display the old graphics. This is because the new photo has not been downloade yet and the system is force to display the previously save thumbnail. facebook debugger – meta tags and data.

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The same applies to information about the link itself and its content. In addition to graphics, Facebook also collects other data in the form of Open Graph meta tags. These include elements such as title, description, website name, author. Check out the fastest photo editor WordPress hosting and Ecommerce hosting on the market . Using the Facebook Debugger The Facebook Debugger tool was create to help us troubleshoot Open Graph meta tags and caching. We can find them in the Facebook Developers space in the Tools & Support tab. To index or refresh a post, simply enter the URL.

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So if we are not sure about something or we don’t know whether our idea will work but we know we have to try, a free WordPress directory will be a hit. On the other hand, we cannot expect miracles. It is doubtful that using a free plugin, our directory will immeiately become the second PanoramaFirm. At least not at the very EL Leads beginning. How to choose the best directory plugin. The plugin we should choose depends on the type of directory we want to build. If we plan to earn money through advertising for local companies.

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