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It is very common for employees to be promoted from analyst positions to managers. But there are cases where it is necessary to hire someone from outside capable of performing the function well. That is why we have prepared a template for the Marketing Manager position advertisement, the pre-interview task that must be requested and also the questions to ask during the selection.

More Than Half of the Participants

Vacancy description template Vacancy Description Middle East  The Marketing Manager is responsible job function email list for carrying. Out market studies and developing strategies capable of achieving the company’s goals and objectives. This professional must also be responsible for leading, expanding and optimizing the work carried out by the Marketing team. In addition to coordinating and monitoring the campaigns carried out in both traditional and digital Marketing.

The Objectives Include Conduct

Market research aimed at understanding customer needs and competitor data, such as EL Leads prices offered, promotions run, and top locations where there is the greatest customer prospect. Lead the Marketing team and optimize its performance. Develop marketing campaigns based on the company’s goals and objectives. Regularly monitor the performance of marketing campaigns. Generate reports presenting the results generated by the campaigns.

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