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If the Employer Violates the Above Obligation

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According to the government of the russian federation no. “On workbooks” statute, the employer is obliged to execute the workbook upon the written request of the employee.

The Deadline is Three Working Days From the Date

The application. In addition, the employer is to keep the workbook in a Austria WhatsApp Number List timely and proper manner. Therefore, the responsibility for maintaining the workbook lies with the employer. This is also in paragraph 1 of the resolution. Article 1 of the code of administrative offenses of the russian federation stipulates that officials Pastors Email List in The US and entrepreneurs may be with a warning or an administrative fine of up to a thousand rubles. It is worth noting that for legal entities, higher fines are – up to ten thousand rubles.

What’s the Difference?

Job Function Email Database

In addition to the above obligations, the EL Leads employer must also ensure that the labor contract with the employee is properly . Legislators impose this obligation to protect the rights of employees, which are often by civil law contracts with employees (such as agency contracts or contracts for performance of work) rather than labor contracts. , providing employees with great privileges.

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