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If both or one of the parents has russian citizenship

You can become a citizen under the simplified regime if:

If the person was born in the russian federation; the
Person who lived there before the collapse of the ussr did not have any citizenship;
After at least three years of education and employment;
If a husband or wife has the required citizenship of the russian federation;
Confirmation of a large investment or payment of at least 10,000 rubles in business tax in the past three years;
Native russian-speaking status (article of the citizenship law of the russian federation);

Where can I get citizenship

What do I need to get russian citizenship in general
What documents are to get russian citizenship
How to get russian citizenship by birth
Conditions for getting russian citizenship for minors

How to get russian citizenship in foundation year? According to the law, there are four ways to obtain:
For restoration;
Other conditions for the acquisition of citizenship stipulated by law. These conditions are and supplemented periodically.
Acquisition of citizenship can be  either a general High School Senior Mailing Lists condition or a simplified form. To obtain a passport under the preferential scheme, a foreigner must belong to one of the special categories by law. If there are no prerequisites for taking advantage, the general registration process may be used. An integral part of the procedure is the oath.

Sample Form for Filling Out

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The application form for EL Leads naturalization of the russian federation

In general, what is required to obtain russian citizenship
Residents must meet certain requirements.

For general orders, there are such requirements:
Foreigners who have lived in the country for five years shall not be tried or held criminally responsible.
After you apply, be sureCY Lists to write a statement renunciating your previous citizenship.

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