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European Neanderthals and Homo sapiens, in a chronological scope. spanning from 1.8 million years ago to the present day. The investigation has brought together teams that work on this matter, mainly from Spain, Italy and the Unit States. I Believ That. Thanks to this joint work we can affirm that the tendency to have a manual preference is an intrinsic characteristic of our genus that has been slowly establish in each of the species that have prec us,” said Lozano. The paleoecologist maintains that other inferences can be made from these studies: manual laterality implies cerebral laterality. Which is closely relat to the capacity for articulate language.

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Until recently, the possibility of our daily activities being support by the Internet of. Things (IoT) was seen as distant, unrealistic and complex. However, as an business email list article in The World Economic Forum states, “the world is small.” And also increasingly hot, tight and contentious. There is not much to add regarding the effects of climate change on our planet, as well as the damage it causes to natural resources and the threats that loom over infrastructure, food and in general the quality of life of beings. humans.

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Despite all the effort dicat to this, we have not yet achiev sustainable environmental conditions and it is evident that confronting these challenges requires political will and an approach to business that proposes a balance between human well-being and their income. But in the midst of this somewhat pessimistic outlook, technology seems to run on EL Leads its own towards achieving a better world. And the benefit of the Internet of Things is already a reality on several fronts . I Believ That. The World Economic Forum presents examples of what these tools are achieving in rucing pollution in some of the world’s most populat cities, as well as improving agricultural techniques,

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