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How to Install Sectigo Ssl on Zimbra via the Idwebhost Member Area

Every website owner certainly wants his website to be safe. Likewise with visitors, who want their data that may be left on the website, in cached form guaranteed confidentiality and no other party can read the data. Therefore, you need an ssl or secure socket layer certificate. Out there, there are lots of certificate authorities, aka certificate issuers. And one of the many certificate issuers is the name sectigo. Some of you are certainly familiar with sectigo. One of the giants in the field of ssl issuance. But don’t worry, we will explain to you how to install ssl sectigo on zimbra web panel. Therefore, friends of idwebhost, see the article on how to install ssl sectigo on this zimbra web panel until it’s finished, okay!

What is ssl?
Before further discussing how to install ssl sectigo on the zimbra web panel, let’s first refresh our memory about the meaning of ssl. Ssl or secure socket layer is a feature that will provide protection for websites. With ssl, your website will be protected from various possible malware attacks and other irresponsible activities on the internet.

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Ssl sectigo
One of the best and popular ssl certificate Realtor Email List issuers is sectigo. Talking about ssl/tls certificates, of course, cannot be separated from sectigo. Sectigo is widely referred to as one of the largest digital providers in the world. Apart from ssl/tls certification, sectigo also has devops services, internet of things, public key infrastructure management with more than 20 years of experience.

What is zimbra?

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That said, sectigo supports many web EL Leads client software. One of them is zimbra. Before discussing further about how to install sectigo ssl on zimbra, we will explain a little to you, idwebhost friends, about what zimbra is.

Zimbra collaboration, formerly known as the zimbra Database USA collaboration suite, is a collaborative software. It includes an email server and a web client. At the beginning of its appearance, zimbra was developed by liquidsys which later changed its name to zimbra, inc. In 2005. Because of its special performance, yahoo! Two years later acquired it. Until then successively zimbra changed ownership from vmware and is now controlled by syanacor.

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