How Tactus Contabilidade automated its billing routine with Receive Easy

Even working in the digital environment, Tactus encountered challenges in managing its own processes. Manual activities, such as checking, downloading documents and sending them to banks, took up a lot of time for accountants. Focusing on the firm’s strategy and offering a consultative service to clients unfortunately took a backseat. However, everything changed when Tactus Contabilidade found out about Conta Azul Mais and Receive Easy. Today, the company is able to serve more customers with the same quality. Do you want to know how this transformation was at Tactus and if you can do the same in your office? Keep reading and find out! tactus Playback: What were the biggest challenges for Tactus Contabilidade Digital Have you ever stopped to think about how many new.

Professions Have Emerged in Recent Years?

YouTubers and product affiliates on the internet are some of them. Depending on earnings, these professionals need accounting services. And it was looking at this market that Tactus Contabilidade, a digital accounting company, was created. Located in São Bernardo do Campo, in the state of São Paulo, Tactus serves the segments of infoproducers, affiliates, content producers for YouTube and e-commerce. All of the company’s processes are online, from customer  Bulgaria Phone Number List contact to the issuance of guides. Several e-books are also available for free download on the company’s website. Today, Tactus Contabilidade relies on the help of two tools: Conta Azul Mais and Receive Easy. The first of these is a platform for managing client portfolios for accounting firms. However, before that, Tactus faced several difficulties.

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Which Was Done Entirely Manually

Among them the receipt process : First, it was necessary to send a file to the bank to process the charge; Afterwards, it was sent to the customers; When the payment was made, the accountants needed to download the file again, check it and only after that register it with the financial. A very laborious process. Not to mention the risk of manual errors. In the next topic, understand in practice how the Conta Azul Mais and Receive Easy simplified EL Leads this process and streamlined receipts from Tactus Contabilidade. Success story: Virtual business, real results Automating the billing process “Time is an extremely valuable element for an accounting firm. When you manage it well, it frees you up to dedicate yourself more to customers, with activities that add value to the business. Receive Easy is synonymous with time.

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