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How to do an assertive accounting audit?

Accounting auditing is a service that can be offered by accountants to companies of all sizes. Through it, it is possible to identify whether the accounting and tax routines are being complied with correctly or not. For companies with assets greater than R$240 million or annual gross revenue greater than R$300 million, hiring an external auditor to audit the financial statements is mandatory and was defined by Law . What happens is that not every entrepreneur who is not obliged to carry out an accounting audit is able to perceive its real importance or even know what it is. Therefore, it is the duty of the accountant to inform you of how fundamental this process is for the financial health of the business . Thus, you add more value to the services you offer, which is very positive for maintaining recurring demand and increasing revenue.

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Carry out an assertive and efficient accounting audit. Before that, understand in practice how this process impacts a company. Good reading! The accounting audit verifies that all accounting and tax routines of a company are being complied with correctly. Avoiding problems with the Federal Revenue and situations that are putting the financial¬† Belize Phone Number List health of the business at risk are the main objectives; How does accounting auditing impact a company? Ideally, it is suggested that the accounting audit be carried out at least every 12 months . In this process, the accountant’s role goes beyond delivering an opinion to the customer, checking whether taxes are being paid and whether the cashier is working. During the audit, the accounting professional is responsible for identifying financial disorders.

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Even lead the analyzed company to bankruptcy. More than that, it is necessary to indicate alternatives for the business owner to remedy such problems. It is this advisory attitude that makes the accountant an indispensable professional. For any company, ensuring success in the business and attracting more customers. Modernize your entire accounting EL Leads routine with Conta Azul Mais. Know how! Main benefits of auditing for companies Guides you to make better decisions Hire more people? Offer training for the financial sector to better organize processes? Acquire a management system? Based on the results obtained with the accounting audit. The accountant is able to guide the client on what decisions to take to solve the problems encountered or to improve the company’s management. Understand how to become a consultant accountant and be a strategic partner for the client.

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