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Terms of Search Engine Optimization Among Other Things. the Goals Must Be in Line with the Business Strategy. Plan a Slice of the Marketing Budget for Paid Advertising and Take into Account the Prices of Ads on Different Platforms. the Choice of Suitable Marketing Channels Promotes the Targeting of Marketing. Customers Most Active Time on Facebook Today Customers Have Countless Ways to Find and Buy

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Products on Digital Marketing Platforms. Service Is Also Expected Exactly Where Each Customer Spends the Most Time. It Is Therefore Important for the Company to Focus on Understanding the Customers business email list Purchase Path and Customer Experience Interaction and Understanding the Purpose of Different Digital Platforms. Many Different Studies Talk About the Best Social Networking Times I.e. When People Are on Social Media the Most and When They Are Not. for Example on Linkedin Which Is Known Mostly for Work-

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It Would Be Most Ideal to Publish in the Middle of the Week During Office Hours When People Are Still at Work. However the Best Time for Others May Not Be the Right Time for Your Company. the Best Time to Publish EL Leads Content on Social Media Is When Your Target Group Spends Time There. for Example Facebooks Tools Can Be Used to Monitor the Behavior and Times of Visitors to the Pages. When Making Publications Facebook Shows You the Best Times and Days for Which You Should Schedule the Publication. Make Trial

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