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Find out how to identify the RAT rate by CNAE and calculate it correctly

The RAT rate is a contribution made by the owner of a company, calculated on top of employee compensation, considering a series of factors. Unaware of its importance, many entrepreneurs see this tax as just another accounting bureaucracy. What happens is that in addition to the fines we are already familiar with, paying the RAT rate correctly is essential for companies to reduce their absenteeism rates and the costs of hiring extra labor. Keep reading to remember the details of this contribution and how to inform your customers about its importance. Check out the following topics: Remember what the RAT rate is How to identify the RAT rate by CNAE? How to calculate this rate correctly? Simplify your accounting office processes with Conta Azul The RAT rate is a percentage levied.

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For Simples and whose activities offer some type of risk to workers; Remember what the RAT rate is The Occupational Environmental Risk (RAT) is a percentage paid by companies not opting for Simples Nacional to Social Security, considering the risk level of activities performed by employees. The purpose of the RAT rate is to pay for treatments, leave and benefits granted by the government to workers who have suffered accidents at work or acquired  Armenia Phone Number List diseases due to their activity. As important as it is, many employers view the RAT as just another fee to be paid. This is because, unlike other contributions that are only collected by the company, the RAT value comes directly from cash flow. It is the duty of the accountant to explain to the entrepreneurs what is, in practice, the purpose of this tax.

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Without this contribution, employees would have difficulties. Paying for their own treatment in cases of illness or accidents at work. Which would result in damage to their health and a longer time to return to the company. In addition, the accountant must EL Leads guide them to seek ways to ensure a healthier environment for workers. Training the team, investing in good Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and monitoring compliance with safety standards are some of them. Click here to find out more about Conta Azul Mais! How to identify the RAT rate by CNAE? To identify the RAT rate through the National Classification of Economic. Activities (CNAE), just access the website of the National Classification. Commission (CONCLA) and check the code of the company’s main activity.

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