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With the old tool, each route was charged. Not to mention the hours lost typing and checking values, since bank reconciliation was not automatic. Furthermore, like any manual process, errors were inevitable and generated rework . Keep reading to find out how Conta Azul helped Gestão Contabilidade cut costs and save time, productivity and better customer service. Good reading! Gestão Contabilidade is an accounting firm specialized in IT companies that serves approximately 1,100 clients per month; Source: Accounting Management Reducing expenses with reissuing bank slips was the challenge of Accounting Management Gestão Contabilidade has been in the market since 2002 with a focus on consultative and strategic accounting for IT companies. The headquarters are located in Joinville and two branches are distributed in the cities of Itapoá and Vidal Ramos, in Santa Catarina.

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Offers are: Financial outsourcing; Accounting for IT companies and startups; Business opening; Strategic accounting. Today, Gestão Contabilidade is a partner of Conta Azul, using two tools: Conta Azul Mais , a platform for managing the client portfolio of accounting firms, where all accounting routines, such as generation of Income  Cambodia Phone Number List Statement and issuance of Ledger Books, are automated; Receive Easy , a feature that streamlines receipts via Pix Billing, Credit Card (via link) and Boleto. Before becoming a partner of Conta Azul, Gestão Contabilidade faced several challenges, such as typing and manually checking documents. But the company’s main bottleneck was related to billing. This is because the tool used at the time was not integrated with the office’s finances nor was it automated, which generated hours of costly manual work.

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With each new ticket issued – it was necessary to pay the issuance fee again. Have you ever thought about how expensive it would be for accounting management if the 1,100 customers requested a duplicate? In the next topic, understand how receive easy changed the accounting management routine for the better. Accounting management: a success EL Leads story in accounting productivity simplifying. Customer billing for nelson boing, executive director. Of gestão contabilidade, “receive fácil, as the name suggests, is another way of charging customers”. In its financial bpo, today 100% of the client portfolio uses receive easy. This conta azul solution, according to nelson, facilitates the billing operation, reverting to team productivity . Receive easy, as we said, is a solution that streamlines receipts.

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