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Father and son: a Conta Azul case of love for accounting

The good news is that, with the support of technology, the right people, and a willingness to change, accountants can make a difference in the marketplace. This was the path taken by , an accounting firm run by father and son, which managed to triple the number of clients in just two years. All this with just 18 employees. On this Father’s Day, let’s get to know the story of Djalma, Djan’s father. Both work and learn together, daily. Yes, the challenges of the different generations still exist, but the love between them and the desire to make the company grow speak louder. We wish you a very inspiring reading! . Pendencies, papers and a lot of bureaucracy were part of the routine of the accounting and legal advisory office; Reproduction: Father and son ahead of Now 61 years old, Djalma opened the accounting and legal advisory office.

An Early Age Showed an Interest in the Family

At the time, accounting was very traditional and his best companion was the typewriter. The first customer only arrived after 6 months. There was so much bureaucracy that it took Djalma almost two weeks to draw up a social contract. Papers and typing  Belarus Phone Number List were part of the young entrepreneur’s routine . However, in addition to the office, Djalma had a construction material store, which was managed by his wife. With her, he had 3 children and, one of them, from business – Djan. Even as a teenager, he was always at one of the two companies. However, Djan had no interest in accounting and studied law, just like his father. But Djan also had the same entrepreneurial spirit as Djalma . So much so that his dream was to set up a paint shop.

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The Company Can Last for a Long Time

Time passed and Djan ended up getting closer to his father’s office. There, he worked as a courier, helping to take documents from one client to another. As he gained a deeper understanding of the firm’s processes, Djan became interested in accounting. Unsatisfied with the way activities were carried out, always manually, he decided to EL Leads find a simpler way. Until, in 2018, he discovered Conta Azul Mais and took productivity to the next level! Healing the Pain of Late Accounting “Working with something bureaucratic can be fun, cool.” Whoever said that sentence was Djan. When they got to know Conta Azul Mais, father and son saw that accounting could be something simpler and that technology would be a way to expand the company.

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