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An example of internal marketing For example, one of the American supermarkets donate 55 thousand. 15% of its employees company shares. The bonus can also be linke to a business goal, as at Hilcorp Energy Company, where everyone was promise $100,000. in addition to salary if the company doubles its profits within a certain period of time. An additional advantage is the fact that such internal communication is also good PR for the company outside. It is worth making employees aware that it depends on them how the company will be perceive by customers.

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When employees know ahead of time what’s going on in the business, they’re also more engage and able to serve customers better. It will also be easier for them to achieve their marketing goals . We recommend HR policy models – which phone number list one to implement and why? Clarify your goals with internal marketing Many Polish companies do not yet have a strategy. Those that do, sometimes limit themselves to defining goals at a board meeting. Later, however, this does not translate into the everyday life of managers or the tasks face by a regular employee.

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It is hardly surprising, because it is impossible to provide information to each of the many-thousand-strong crew. This is where internal marketing and a communication strategy base on company goals come in handy. If you want employees EL Leads to get to know them and start implementing them, you can use the following tools: progress and motivational apps, competitions and challenges, team competition, additional measuring tools, training. Note that internal marketing includes activities that most bosses do anyway, such as training or competition, but here they work in your favor – they serve to achieve your goals. How to influence an employee? The same marketing tactics you use with your customers can also be applie to your employees.

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