The personal brand bubble

Does the world know what to expect from you? If you don’t like what you receive, analyze what you emit. Defining who you are and what you do. And brand bubble presenting yourself as such is not enough for others to perceive you as you want. Sometimes your brand is not as well defined as you think and the reputation you are generating around. It is not the most coherent or effective for the objectives you intend. If you do not receive the offers and requests that you expect from your potential clients. Perhaps your services and products are not competitive enough.

But it could even be that

Although your proposals are of quality. They are not well defined or positioned in the minds of the people and companies you want to reach. A family urgently called a plumber to Crypto Email List patch a pipe. The plumber replied: -What is needed is to change the entire plumbing system in the house. The owners agreed, but they were in a hurry because. The water was coming out and flooding everything and at the moment they had no money.

Make the arrangement brand bubble

We will call you to change all the plumbing. The plumber solved the problem and charged cheap in the hope of being able to take care of the pending major work later. He put the patch very well to show his competence. So well that there were no more leaks so the owners of the house lost their EL Leads hurry. A year and a half later, the family finally decided to change the entire plumbing. They had been able to save thanks to the plumber’s arrangement and wanted designer faucets, marble bathrooms, whirlpools and more luxuries. The contract was large and other plumbing companies submitted their offers along with the plumber’s.

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