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Alady post comments Uch as the actress Sophie Turner, protagonist of the television series Game of Thrones , on her Twitter profile. “ LoganPaul you are an idiot. You are not raising awareness. You’re just kidding me. I can’t believe how much you praise your “apology”. You don’t deserve the success (views) you have. I pray to God you never have to experience anything like that man did. Sophie Turner Actress of the television series “Game of Thrones” But the problem remains open. What is allow to publish on social networks.

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What is ethical and moral? SHARES seo expate bd About the author Mariano Diotto Brand strategist, neuromarketing and neurobranding expert and founder of a master’s degree in Web Marketing & digital communication from the IUSVE university | Always present in the social world, I have cultivat a passion for communication by working on the radio as a speaker, writing children’s novels, teaching at university, as a brand strategist for companies and agencies, holding numerous conferences on the world of communication, advertising and web.

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PREVNEXT Leave a comment Comment EL Leads First name* E-mail*, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Is it legal to publish photos or videos of minors on social networks? January In Digital & Social No parent would let a stranger take a photo of their child on the street. Does the same apply if the parent publishes the photo online, or on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp? It is the eternal question that those who work in the world of digital communication ask themselves: is it legal to publish photos or videos of minors on social networks? I do not think so! I will try to explain why.

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