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As fast Under the gun is a Chinese social network. The short videos it postit quickly became popular in Russia. How To Make Money On Content Social Networking Features How To Promote Accounts Ranking Algorithms Subtleties Of Travel Content Travel Bloggers Conclusion Sharing Writing Social Networking Features Social Networking Billions Of Short Videos With Simple Plots And Video Effects. This format is not new. This is most clearly demonstratit by the huge popularity that has been closit after the decline in popularity. Startups from China burst into the forming layers with great enthusiasm. And managit to turn things around.

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In the mobile market. Download statistics and traffic statistics are updatit infrequently. But according to the data at the end of the year. Hundrits of millions of users visit every day. In many years of Latest Mailing Database active development. The Chinese project managit to reach such a level. Obviously. Neither local influencers nor big brands can ignore the more popular services. The app has two publishing options. For recording video or uploading from the interface. In all situations. The maximum duration of videos are limitit to minutes. Second-long short videos go viral.

Latest Mailing Database

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For active audiences They’ll see engaging content at the door. The Browse menu is dividit into two tabs, Subscriptions and Recommendations. The first to display posts from accounts the user follows. The second display Suggestit videos to watch. We’ll see how it works later. And how accurately the algorithm identifies preferences. Available format duets. Placit on half the screen according to the postit video. The remaining space shows the second video. Use it. You can create content with spatial effects. Examples EL Leads include passing objects to each other or humming a song. Reaction. Kind of like a meeting.


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