6 Reasons for You to Participate in Conta Azul Con 2022

If you thought long hours of tiring lectures, you are very wrong. At Conta Azul Con, you will live a remarkable and positive experience, also having the opportunity to create a good network, learn and interact. After two years, the event is back in person, with all the health care and lots of news. The Conta Azul Con will take place on the 22nd and 23rd of June, at Costão do Santinho, in Florianópolis (SC). Several personalities have already been through the event, such as Luiza Trajano and Glória Maria. And in 2022, this will be no different. Find out why you can’t miss the Conta Azul Con 2022, who will be the speakers and check out the complete step-by-step to register for the event! There will be more than 30 hours of content on digital accounting and technology.

Seats Are Limited and Conta Azul Is Offering

A discount on accommodation; 6 reasons for you to participate in Conta Azul Con 2022 1. Infrastructure of 6,000 m² Nothing better than staying on top of accounting and still resting, do you agree? That’s why the Conta Azul Con 2022 will be at the Costão do  Egypt Phone Number List  Santinho Resort, in Praia do Santinho, in Florianópolis. The structure has 6,000 m², with a view of the sea and a lot of comfort. Click here to make your reservation at Costão do Santinho Resort and get a 25% discount on the days of the event! 2. Two days of immersive event Surely after immersing yourself in two intense days of the event, with more than 30 hours of content , you will never be the same. The Conta Azul Con 2022 promises one surprise after another, so get ready to learn about.

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Successful Cases and See Up Close

Big names that you’ve only heard about. See some of what we are preparing for you: 3. World class speakers since 2018, conta azul con has brought together personalities from the world of business and accounting. This year, the presence of: vinicius roveda : with more than 20 years on the road in the business world and in the technology market, vinicius EL Leads had his first experience in entrepreneurship as a child, in his grandmother’s shop. Today, he is ceo and co-founder of conta azul and is also a member of the endeavor entrepreneurs group; arthur igreja : with an annual agenda of more than 150 lectures — including tedx in brazil, europe, the united states and south america — arthur is the author of the best-seller on innovation “conveniência é o nome do negócios” and co-founder of the platform aaa inovação.

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