5 Ways Email Marketing Can Help You Rank Up Fast

What do e-mails have in common? mail has with SEO ? At first glance, it may seem that there is no connection between these two digital tools, but in fact email e-mail helps in various ways to achieve better positions of web pages in the search engine. Organic search and email email are the two main channels that drive the most traffic to websites. According to the Conductor survey, 51% of people discover websites via email. by mail marketing. Of course, unlike other platforms such as social media and microblogging, email mail is not directly related to search engines to have an impact on SEO. However, you can use e-mail. email marketing as a tool to encourage others to contribute to your website’s better rankings.

Here’s how it should go Create more social signals

Although Google has never publicly acknowledged it, a link’s social activity has a huge impact on its position in Google’s search engine. A study of 23 million shares found that the top four positions on Google are those with the most engagement on India Phone Number List Facebook and Google+. It goes without saying that social signals are an important part of SEO that many marketers are unaware of. The hardest part is getting people to share your content through their social channels. This task will be easier if you have an e-mail address. mailing list. When you publish a new blog post, you can send out a newsletter asking your loyal subscribers to share the link. Or add to your email post social sharing buttons to make it easier for your followers to share.

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Reduce bounce rate Bounce rate is another

Important statistic that determines your Google search rankings. The bounce rate shows whether the information published on the website is relevant to its visitors. If a visitor visits a page on your website and immediately leaves without taking any action or visiting any additional pages, that session is considered bounced. If your blog posts and EL Leads landing pages have a higher bounce rate, Google will rank them lower in search results, regardless of how well you optimize your page for search engines. The best way to avoid this is to create high quality and meaningful content and attract more interested visitors. It is important to have people who were interested in your page, email mailing list so that you can send a reminder to your subscribers after publishing each new blog post, thus generating high-quality traffic to your website and reducing your bounce rate.

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