Sales Partnership

There are many instances when start-up’s and New Businesses wish there was a way that Sales and Marketing can be handled by someone else, without cost and let them concentrate on the core Business or Product Development. Such partnership is welcome, however mostly non-existent in the market due to the changing market conditions.

We at EL LEADS pride ourselves in our experience and network. We will ensure you run your business without having to worry about Lead Generation, Marketing, Campaigns or payments for the same until you actually make sales and start generating revenue.

The Partnership:

Our Account Manager’s will evaluate your product or service and submit the Proposal for your approval. Once approved, you would not have to worry about getting into the market again. We will work suitable ways and means to Advertise your product or service and ensure there is a good stream of conversions – as agreed in the proposal.

The Account Manager assigned to you will keep you updated on the developments and work closely with you to ensure that you are filled in on every lead that is generated that we move it for a closure. Complete Branding, Lead Generation and Advertising will be done in your label. This is will ensure the continuity of benefits from the exercises that are done.

Speak to El – Now! and see how we can partner with you.

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