How to Install Open Journal System Using Softaculous

Definition of open journal system
Before going further about how to install ojs on softaculous, it would be nice to know what the open journal system is. At the beginning of this article, we briefly explained the definition of the open journal system. Journal management system and scientific publishing developed by the public knowledge project.

This project is a collaboration of several campuses. These include the faculty of education at the university of british columbia, the simon fraser university library, and studies in publishing at simon fraser university. And because of its open source nature, ojs can be used freely all over the world.

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The purpose of creating ojs is none other than to increase the readership of a journal. Also, the presence of ojs is expected to increase its contribution to the public interest on a global scale.

The open journal system itself is designed Bulk SMS Australia to facilitate peer review publishing, and provide technical infrastructure. Not only for online journal presentations, but also for the entire editorial workflow: article submission and indexing .

Another advanced feature that ojs has is its Pharmacy Database Email List ability to share roles with other people. For example, there are those who act as journal supervisors, reviewers, writers and readers. Ojs also provides modules that support subscription journals.

How to install the open journal system using softaculous on cpanel

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After knowing the brief definition of the open journal system, now is the time for you to find out how to install the open journal system using softaculous. So, why go through softaculous? Yes, none other than because softaculous is an app installer that can be used in almost any control panel and supports many operating systems.

And because idwebhost uses cpanel in EL Leads its service Database USA package, this article will discuss how to install the open journal system on softacolus using cpanel.

Here are the steps for installing ojs via cpanel:

First step: login to cpanel dashboard
To install the open journal system using softaculous on cpanel, the first thing you have to do is login to the cpanel dashboard. Please enter your username and password in the fields provided. As in the image below.

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