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Turn of the month is the best time for many people, but not always for the billing professional. Employees receive salary and partners receive payment from clients. But when the business has no financial organization, it is he who takes responsibility. Rosilda Camargo, from Emprework Contabilidade, knows that the accountant needs to organize his own accounts before dealing with the client’s. As a result, she streamlined the office’s billing and accounting operations. No one needs to spend on aspirin if they don’t have a headache. Find out what were the tools and methods applied by the accountant to end time and money bottlenecks in the company’s financial organization. Also understand how she always charges customers on time without any stress. Learn all this in the text below and listen to Rosilda’s reports! The financial organization of an accounting office is essential for it to remain profitable, avoid losses.

Maintain control over the accounts and still

Serve as an example of the ability to meet the needs of customers; Disclosure. Financial organization as a key to success “I had no financial organization even though I was an accountant” When Rosilda heard a client say that “if accountant talk worked, there  Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List would be no poor accountant in Brazil”, an idea came to mind. She, as a professional in this area, had no financial organization. And that’s how it was until she found out about Conta Azul Mais and Receive Easy . The client portfolio management platform for accounting offices was the first step. With Conta Azul Mais, Rosilda put her house in order and started a good financial organization . In one afternoon, she managed to organize an entire year of the company. Closed all contracts and put all recurring processes on the platform as easily as possible.

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The biggest surprise was the automatic

Issuance of invoices and payment slips. Emprework Contabilidade has existed for over 15 years and had 12 in 2019, when it met Conta Azul. Companies with this time of existence tend to resist changes, even more accounting offices. Many professionals are afraid of being replaced by technology. Rosilda, however, like our other partners, knows that EL Leads technology is a tool. It can help you reach more customers, improve services and save time. Replacing wasted hours with bureaucracy with a focus on training, for example, is a much smarter decision. However, “the apple of the eye”, that is, the function that conquered Rosilda, was the Easy Receive. Emprework Accounting treats the functionality as if it were the collection sector itself. After all, there are many benefits, which we will explain below.

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