Cold Calling

There are certain Products, especially in the IT Industry that can acquire substantial leads and conversions by cold calling campaigns itself. There are many B2C businesses as well which rely on calling to spread their client base.

In house calling on leads can be a costly affair and if not led by an experienced personnel, can be be disastrous in terms of results as the Leads play a vital role in the fulfillment of business. Precautions to scrub the data and ensure that DND numbers are not contacted to avoid lawsuits or defamation of the Company. Every contact made to non targeted niche can cause a lot of unwarranted cost and loss of time.

Time plays a very important role in promotions. An opportunity delayed in acquiring is an opportunity lost. We at EL Leads have the experience and the skill set required to make your campaign a success with affordable pricing. Our Account Manager will give you complete detailing as to which niche of audience is targeted and how are we going to go with the Campaign. You can choose to check our staff and our operations at any point of time during the Campaign.

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