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Change of Active Period of Idwebhost Ssl Certificate

Of course the decision of the world’s internet giants to Change of Active Period change their policies which only recognize ssl validity for a maximum of one year also affects ssl service providers, idwebhost is no exception .

So, to respond to google and apple’s steps, idwebhost will make changes regarding idwebhost’s ssl service. The following are changes to the idwebhost ssl service policy that you should know about:

1. Global changes will occur on september 1, 2020 for all ssl providers.
2. Ssl services with an active 2-year contract duration before september 1, 2020 do not need to be reissued and will still read normally.
3. If the ssl contract duration of 2 years is reissued as of september 1 2020 and thereafter, then if the ssl is over 398 days old, it will automatically be adjusted or cut to 398 days. Meanwhile, the active period that is cut off will automatically be forfeited.
4. Sectigo starts implementing these changes starting august 13, 2020.
5. And as of august 1, 2020, idwebhost will only enforce ssl contracts with a maximum duration of 1 year.

Change of active period of idwebhost ssl certificate

Background 1 year ssl validity enforcement
We will explain to you, friends of idwebhost, who may still be confused by the implementation of the new rules regarding ssl certificates. For years, google, as the owner of the chrome browser, has fought for the maximum valid ssl/tls certificate rule of 398 days, which was later equated to one year on ca/b forums.

Since it was held for the first time Veterinary Email List  in 2005, this forum has made the rules regarding the issuance of ssl/tls certificates and how browsers regulate their validity. Every year, ssl certificate issuers and browser companies will usually meet to discuss upcoming rules until they reach common ground. And then set rules that apply to all members.

But browser companies’ intentions to change the lifespan of ssl certificates to one year have never died down. Driven by google, they submitted a vote at the forum which was held in september 2019. The results are predictable. Browser companies unanimously fully support google’s proposal, while certificate issuers only have 35% vote to approve this change.

Change of active period of idwebhost ssl certificate

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Browser company violates ca/b EL Leads forum procedures
Finally, in april 2020, apple violated the forum’s ca/b procedures  by making a unilateral decision to enforce a 398-day expiration of ssl/tls certificates on its devices. Apple’s decision was followed by mozilla shortly thereafter. And most recently, of course, google. Google’s decision to follow in the footsteps of apple and mozilla was revealed in a tweet by dean coclin, co-chair of the ca/b forum on twitter. In his tweet, dean coclin said google would follow apple’s steps to limit ssl/tls certificates as of september 1.

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