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Are alphabetical chronological thematic by geographic

There are many types of organization systems but the most recognized. Are alphabetical chronological thematic by geographic location. by solution or needs they satisfy, by type of audience to which they are directed or by physical characteristics. Choose or create an organization system and work on its implementation within the website. By doing this you will make your content easy to consume. 2. The content navigation system the best way to conquer an over-communicated society like the current one is to oversimplify the message. —al ries the construction of the way the website is navigated has a high impact on the amount of content that the user will consume. Likewise, navigation routes serve to make the transit through information natural and simple.

When the information is nested in folders

The main navigation systems are: hierarchical. When the information is nested b2b leads in folders and subfolders matrix when multiple.  Hierarchical criteria are used  or contextual when the degree of relevance between the contents is used to suggest navigation -. 3. The system for labeling content selecting and unifying labels adds powerful and versatile organization and navigation mechanisms to the website. Labels are a tool that provides association and consumption alternatives for the user and the content. The work in this stage of building the information architecture is to create or choose the tags and then assign those that are relevant to each content.

Consumption and retrieval of the content success

The system for searching content if the user EL Leads experiences easy exploration. Consumption and retrieval of the content success will be guaranteed. But if we also add a simple and intuitive interface so that the user can access what is not visible at the first level of consumption, we will be giving the possibility of accessing all the information available on the website. Remember that what is not found cannot be used. Information architecture tries to make the complex understandable . The 6 tips to improve information architecture to finish and contribute a little more to information architects, we want to share six short and important tips that will help improve the information architecture of the website: 1. Make things logical and recognizable . When building the information architecture of a website, it is advisable to take as an example the sites or platforms most used by the audience.

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